At AppVault, we revolutionize the way recruiters connect with candidates. Our cutting-edge HR tech platform goes beyond resumes and qualifications. We bring you Motivator, a game-changer in the recruitment industry.

Understand What Drives Candidates: Say goodbye to guesswork. With our Motivator, you’ll gain deep insights into what truly motivates candidates to apply for a job. Is it the company culture, growth opportunities, or a passion for the industry? Elevate your hiring process, connect with candidates on a deeper level, and build a team that’s truly motivated to excel.

For years, employers have faced challenges with career page visitors not completing job applications. With the development of Motivator, AppVault has introduced innovation and personalization to the career site experience. Motivator not only enhances candidate engagement but also offers tracking capabilities for employers. One client even began using Motivator data for retention prediction to ensure that people who were hired ended up staying at the organization long-term, which is something most recruiting technology companies couldn’t even fathom.
-Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer at Lighthouse Research Advisory

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Unlock the untapped potential of your recruitment process. Join leading companies who are already redefining hiring success with Motivator. Discover the power of understanding applicant motivation and make better, more informed hiring decisions today!


  • Why you should work here. (For candidate)
  • Why do you want to work here? (For hiring manager)
  • Uncover the true motivations driving each applicant to your job posting. We go beyond the resume, helping you identify candidates who are genuinely aligned with your company’s mission and values.


  • Our platform helps you build teams that thrive together. By gaining insights into an applicant’s motivation, you can assess how well they align with your organizational culture. This fosters a more cohesive and productive work environment.


  • Increase applicant quality
  • Increase recruiter effectiveness
  • Hiring candidates who are genuinely motivated by the role and your company significantly reduces turnover rates. Motivator empowers you to make data-driven hiring decisions that lead to long-term employee satisfaction and retention.


  • Speak to the candidates motivation
  • Create motivation centric campaigns
  • Tailor your recruitment approach based on applicant motivation. Craft compelling job descriptions and interview questions that resonate with what drives each candidate, creating a more engaging and meaningful candidate experience.

In our successful clients words

Performance in the Northeast is 'day and night' compared to last year; leads and apps are 'outstanding'; volume has been phenomenal.

I’ve always found my relationship with AppVault to be beneficial.  Be it detailed industry information, changing trends, problem solving or simply having individuals who pride themselves on providing service above and beyond any expectation I could possibly have, AppVault has been invaluable to me at multiple carriers in the past and going forward.

We are receiving more applications than our sister company with way more budget. The reason behind this is our partnership with AppVault and the various strategies they bring to the table.

Things have really turned a corner for us. Thanks to AppVault for being a great partner and helping us find the drivers that have contributed to our recent and growing success. Brand awareness has improved recently, and we are happy with the creative work AppVault has been doing.

AppVault's communication is one of the big areas we were interested in: thorough feedback and in-depth explanations, proactive with resolutions, detailed media plan strategies, and timely fixes.