Trusted Partners

At AppVault, we believe in the power of collaboration and strategic partnerships. Our commitment to providing cutting-edge recruitment technology is strengthened by our valued partnerships with industry leaders. These trusted alliances enable us to offer innovative solutions to streamline your recruitment process and drive success for your organization.

Our Partners


As a trusted partner of Google, AppVault leverages the latest in search and advertising technology to connect your job openings with the right candidates. Our integration with Google’s services ensures that your job listings reach a vast and highly targeted audience.


AppVault’s partnership with Salesforce brings the power of CRM to your recruitment efforts. We integrate seamlessly with Salesforce’s robust platform, enabling you to manage candidate relationships and track recruitment progress with ease.


With our partnership with Indeed, your job postings and recruitment campaigns reach a vast and engaged audience. AppVault’s technology optimizes your job listings to attract the right candidates at the right time.


Tenstreet’s expertise in driver recruiting aligns perfectly with our mission to simplify the hiring process in the transportation industry. Together, we provide solutions that help you find and onboard top talent efficiently.


Our collaboration with SAP ensures that your recruitment processes are optimized for efficiency and data-driven decision-making. AppVault’s integration with SAP solutions streamlines your talent acquisition workflows.

Forbes Councils

As a partner of Forbes Councils, AppVault connects you with a network of top business leaders and decision-makers. We offer exclusive opportunities to showcase your employer brand and job openings to this influential audience.


AppVault’s partnership with Paradox enhances candidate engagement through conversational AI. Our AI-driven chatbots and Paradox’s expertise in candidate communication create a seamless candidate experience.

Microsoft Azure

AppVault is proud to be a part of the Microsoft Azure ecosystem. Our cloud-based recruitment technology is powered by Microsoft Azure’s secure and scalable infrastructure, ensuring data integrity and reliability.

Together, We Transform Recruitment

These partnerships represent AppVault’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of recruitment technology. Together with our trusted partners, we are dedicated to helping you find, attract, and hire the best talent for your organization.

Join us on this journey of recruitment transformation, where collaboration leads to success.

In our successful clients' words

We are receiving more applications than our sister company with way more budget. The reason behind this is our partnership with AppVault and the various strategies they bring to the table.

Performance in the Northeast is 'day and night' compared to last year; leads and apps are 'outstanding'; volume has been phenomenal.

I’ve always found my relationship with AppVault to be beneficial.  Be it detailed industry information, changing trends, problem solving or simply having individuals who pride themselves on providing service above and beyond any expectation I could possibly have, AppVault has been invaluable to me at multiple carriers in the past and going forward.

Things have really turned a corner for us. Thanks to AppVault for being a great partner and helping us find the drivers that have contributed to our recent and growing success. Brand awareness has improved recently, and we are happy with the creative work AppVault has been doing.

We are very excited about the various creative assets AppVault provided us. We had several drivers apply because they saw the video/images that AppVault created.