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AppVault announces the release of Chat2Hire, to humanize the recruitment process

January 14, 2020 I Source: AppVault, LLC

Atlanta, GA, – AppVault is continuing its path of innovation to humanize the recruitment process by announcing Chat2Hire; an interactive, conversation based chatbot that can assist candidates on a 24/7 basis and facilitate prescreening. By automating 70% of ‘top of funnel’ activities, recruiters can spend their valuable time engaging with interested and qualified candidates.

While chatbots are not new, AppVault’s approach is the first in the industry to capture an applicant’s motivation and interests. Chat2Hire allows candidates to select elements of employment that are important to them, thus personalizing the conversation and facilitating a positive experience with the brand through streamlined communication.

“Over the last 20 years, the focus was on an application. Our focus is to go beyond the application and understand what motivates the applicant and personalize their experience. The result is better quality applicants, a positive brand experience, and recruiters with knowledge to hire more effectively.”
 – Tom Daly, Founder and CEO, AppVault

Among the early adopters of Chat2Hire is John Christner Trucking (JCT) which launched in October 2019. Through Chat2Hire’s integration with JCT’s Applicant Tracking System, Tenstreet, JCT recruiters can see what’s most important to an applicant and use this information to personalize future conversations and interactions.

Results reveal candidates are not only interacting with chatbots on employer pages but engaging in productive communication; yielding heightened brand recognition and increased applications.

“Chat2Hire continues AppVault’s pattern of improving the recruiting process for both candidates and job seekers by deepening the integration between our systems in a way that enables more effective recruiting.”
 – Tim Crawford, President, Tenstreet

One of the most significant results of this technology is that it allows employers to easily gain insight into what candidates in their industry value most when moving jobs. Companies can then improve the way that information is showcased and delivered to passive candidates; ultimately attracting top talent.

“Chat2Hire has made our site more personable, interactive, and informative for potential drivers. Information collected from the chat goes directly into our database, helping recruiters connect and onboard much faster. AppVault is helping to keep us on the forefront of the latest resources and as a result, our leads continue to grow.”
 – Katrina Stretch, Marketing Manager, JCT

About AppVault
AppVault is a recruitment marketing technology and media services company. Our mission is to help companies hire more efficiently and effectively by humanizing the candidate experience and strengthening their employer brand.

We specialize in the design, building, and scaling of recruitment strategies to cultivate an emotional connection between your organization and the professionals that will help grow it.

For more information, please contact Alex Lucas, Alex.Lucas@appvault.com, 678-507-2804 or visit www.AppVault.com.