Our Approach To Recruitment

We help companies design, build, and scale a recruitment strategy that creates an emotional connection
between your organization and the professionals that will help grow it.

Reach Your Audience

Create a custom recruitment strategy that will reach your audience and build a positive ROI within your media budget. AppVault’s account team is composed of experienced recruitment consultants that will help identify the right media channels that produce the best hires. Our experienced creative team develops content that resonates with candidates and supports your Employer Brand across all media channels.

  • Recruitment Media Consultation – Industry specific, recruitment strategy development, media creation, placement and performance reporting
  • Creative Services – Full-scale, recruitment media content development with powerful visual design
  • SEM, SEO and PPC Campaign Management – Google and BING certified
  • Social Media Management – Content development, Twitter job feed, Facebook recruitment app and response management

Engage With Talent

Strengthen your Employer Brand to increase quality engagements with candidates. AppVault will help you improve the Candidate Experience and simplify the job search process on your career site. Create custom job search and job requisition landing pages that include videos, social media feeds, similar jobs and multiple calls to action for increasingly improved candidate engagements.

  • Custom Job Search & Job Requisition Landing Pages – Create beautiful candidate destinations that support your employment brand
  • Mobile Apply – Integrates with your ATS and shortens the application process for mobile users
  • Talent Community – Customizable short form registration, automated messaging and job matching to keep interested candidates engaged
  • Candidate CRM – Recruiter campaign manager and talent community sourcing tool

Hire With Confidence

Stop sourcing and start hiring. The best hires are closer than you think.
AppVault will help you utilize the power of your employee’s network and unleash the untapped potential of the applications you already received. Our Recruitment Marketing solutions will enable your talent acquisition team to launch referral, re-hire and retention programs that will reduce your cost-per-hire.

  • Employee Referral Programs – Custom built, incentive based, brand ambassador, micro-site referral platform
  • Robust Retention System – Internal mobility and anonymous employee feedback programs
  • Re-Hire & Stay-In-Touch Campaign Manager – Re-engage “Boomerang” and “Silver Medalist” candidates from previous jobs
  • Change your ATS or HRIS at any time – These systems are essential to HR, we understand

Understand Your Results

Quickly identify career channel metrics and recruitment media performance that drives hiring decisions. AppVault will provide your recruitment team with data-driven daily reports that showcase how your recruitment media channels are performing. Make hiring decisions based on data that helps visualize where improvements can be made and inefficiencies may reside.

  • Paid and Organic Media Performance – Impressions, clicks, clicks-to-apply, applications-per-media, hires-per-media
  • Career Channel Metrics and Measurements – Identify top performing channels for candidates and hires
  • Cost Per Lead, Application, and Hire Reporting – Easily measure a ROI for any candidate or hire source
  • Hire Attribution Reporting – Track back to source of hire for any month or media for accurate insights into previous recruitment efforts

Our team of experienced and dedicated Recruitment Marketing professionals can help you achieve the extraordinary