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Rough Landing: 4 Ways Your Job Description Pages Negatively Impact The Candidate Experience

We see it time and again – well designed, content-rich career sites leading candidates down a path to something quite the opposite — uninspiring, text-heavy job descriptions devoid of any contextual content or character. So why does this happen so often and more importantly, why does it matter?

Companies often overlook the fact that most job seekers will be driven straight to their landing pages via search, bypassing the careers site altogether. And if these pages have one or more of the following issues, it may affect how candidates view the organization, it’s culture and the opportunity they’re seeking.

Overwhelming Job Descriptions

Want a simple way to drive candidates away? Make them read endless amounts of copy and dozens of bullets points describing the requirements of a job. Keeping your descriptions succinct and to-the-point will help to increase interest and engagement.

Static Content

Imagine clicking on a banner promoting a $5,000 sign-on bonus only to end up on a landing page that doesn’t say anything about it. Having relevant, contextual content on your pages is key to attracting qualified talent. Job seekers want to see content that appeals to them, especially if they took the time to engage with it.

Lack of Employee Presence in Your Job Description

Landing pages can be a lonely place. Especially if they only contain text and apply buttons. Adding a human element, particularly one that involves real employees, is a great way to make the page feel welcoming. Whether it’s a testimonial video or a simple quote, employee-focused content is a great way to showcase your culture.

Not Keeping Your Candidates Engaged

There’s a chance that job seekers who end up on your landing page might not be ready to apply. If their only means of engagement is an apply button, you might miss an opportunity to keep them in the loop when they change their mind. Having additional methods of engagement, such as a way to join your talent community, will increase retention.