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How Does a Talent Community Work?

There tends to be some confusion around what a Talent Community actually is and how it functions. Really, the word “Talent Community” describes itself rather descriptively. It is a community of talent (candidates) that have expressed interest in working for an organization by completing a short form of contact information. This is not to be confused with completing a full application for employment. Often used on career sites, individual job requisitions, email signatures, and social channels; a Talent Community Opt-In is a mobile-friendly way to request a candidate quickly fill out between five to seven fields of data about themselves and their areas of interest. This short form is the first point of entry into a Talent Community or Recruitment Marketing mix, but certainly not the last.

Some Talent Communities, like AppVault’s, allow you to build deeper profiles of your talent by inviting your community to come back into the system and upload social profiles, photos, experience, and other valuable data points you want to know about your candidates. The purpose of this is to strengthen the profile of a candidate and enable a two-way form of communication from the hiring company to the candidate and vice-versa. Additionally, as profiles continue to improve and gain valuable information about the candidate, alerts can be sent to recruiters that indicate when a “hot lead” or “high value” candidate has been identified inside the community. This is extremely valuable for hiring positions that are difficult to fill. Talent Communities, when used correctly, can quickly become the number one source of hire for an organization and lead to a higher quality of hire due to the depth of the candidate profile.

Think of Talent Communities as database marketing. You’ve got anywhere from a few hundred to many thousands of “people” who have expressed interest in working for your organization. All you’re doing is cultivating additional information about these people to identify the highest quality individuals in the community for employment opportunities. The information you seek can be specific to your organization and hiring criteria. Unlike large job posting sites, AppVault’s Talent Community is private and exclusive to just your organization for you just your hiring needs. Recruitment Marketing is an emerging discipline within Talent Acquisition that AppVault has been perfecting since 2002.

Next time you're job searching, don't forget to check if that particular employer has its own Talent Community to take advantage of!